The Showcase offers an alternative to the trouble and expense of designing new shop fittings and purchasing second hand fittings around Melbourne. It is an economical, efficient and eco-friendly solution to meet all basic requirements for setting up a fashion store.


The Showcase is compact, portable and can be easily moved and set up by two adults. The design offers a fitting system that includes a table, bench and three clothes racks to allow the display of a large range of clothes. The main frame of the showcase converts into a fitting room to provide customers privacy wherever the location may be.

katespade poster.jpg

The unit itself is plain to allow users to apply posters, decorations and other advertising that they see fit to promote their products and brands. The diversity of the Showcase allows it to be customized to suit and promote any brand. Since the materials chosen are durable, the contents can be used as part of a permanent set up such as a boutique store.


The final product delivers an effective, mobile solution for retailers or any starting businesses to set up in a location of their choice at a relatively low cost. The interest associated with pop up shops will allow business owners an opportunity to capitalize on sales, promotion of their brand, products and the collection of valuable customer information.